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is a holistic facial massage that is very gentle and wonderfully restful. The treatment lifts up your face by gently helping to release the tightened tissues. Skin regains its flexibility and your face looks more open and relaxed, smoother, younger and happier. Rejuvance also works on the acupuncture points and meridians of head, face and neck to release blocked qi, thus relieving headache, jaw, neck and shoulder pain.

As well as looking better, you will also find that you will feel better, breathe better and experience more calm, tolerance and increased energy, often with new realizations and insights into how to minimize your stress. In fact, for many people, the visual effects become secondary as they discover that health and emotional well-being are also enhanced. The qi in the body is balanced, the nervous system is finely tuned and the harmony of body, mind and spirit is restored.
The full course of treatment consists of six sessions, each treatment working on a different part of the face, head, neck and shoulders. It is also possible to have an individual session which stands alone.

Rejuvance smooths out scars

Because the elasticity of the skin and muscle tone is restored, Rejuvance can help reduce scar tissue.  It can also benefit Bell’s Palsy, paralysis or partial paralysis of the face as it works on the meridian and nervous system, promoting a better flow of vitality and circulation.

Rejuvance reduces stress

Because the patterns of stress and tension locked in the face are gently smoothed away and released through the connective tissue and muscles, this deeply relaxing treatment will give you a great sense of wellbeing.

Other benefits

  • Total relaxation, improved sleep
  • Relief from migraines, headaches
  • Improved breathing
  • Improved clarity, less anxiety
  • Rebalanced nervous system
  • Improved sense of wellbeing


The treatment initially comprises six sessions, each lasting about 45΄-50΄.  Each session addresses different areas of the face, head, neck, chest and shoulders.  On completion of the treatment, it is recommended that you have maintenance sessions at least once every four to six weeks.  Depending on the individual areas that may require more attention, it may be advisable to repeat some sessions.  These maintenance sessions deepen and build upon the initial six sessions, which can be repeated once or more each year to maintain the results and help slow down the ageing process.

You will see many improvements:  your skin will glow, your face will look more relaxed, as if you have slept for hours, and the tension will be gone not only from your face, but your whole body…

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